Wisdom Wednesday-Resting in God’s Wisdom

Resting. How many of us want to rest? Especially as a busy wife and mother, I can say that the idea of resting sounds fantastic some days. Okay, everyday.

What picture comes to mind when you think of resting? Maybe you picture yourself passed out drooling on your pillow and ugly snoring? (Do not say that I am the only that does that!?) Do you picture yourself relaxing in a tub full of bubbles with candles and soft music and no interruptions? Perhaps you picture yourself sitting on your couch on a cool rainy day reading a favorite book quietly?

Whatever picture comes to mind for you, it is safe to say that you are relaxing, regaining energy both physically and mentally, and recuperating from whatever stresses that had been weighing you down.


Yeah, sorry, had to get you out of dream world. 🙂 This Wednesday let’s do a quick break down of these great verses from Proverbs!

Focus on God’s Wisdom

I love the fact that this verse clarifies “sound wisdom and discretion.” In today’s world, you will hear many professionals and experts every where you turn. There are self-help and advice books and blogs and resources in each direction you turn. And often they say totally different things! So how do you know which wisdom to really listen to and apply? Well, look to God and His word. Go to the source of all wisdom-God. Study His word and let His wisdom saturate your heart and mind.

Adorn Your Life With God’s Wisdom

Adorn is a word that has kind of gone out of style. Basically, it means to make more attractive. You want others, especially your husband and children, to see how great God is? Let God’s wisdom create an attractive glow over your life. Practically speaking, (cause that’s who I am…) this could look like writing Bible verses to help you combat anxiety or anger and literally setting them around your home. Or it could be carefully selecting what books or music or other outside sources are allowed in your home to make sure that the beauty of God’s wisdom isn’t squelched by the world’s clamor.

Walk in God’s Wisdom

Move forward praying that the Holy Spirit will make you sensitive to His leading you throughout each moment of the day. Struggling with how to respond to your husband’s comments last night, pray for wisdom! Upset by a challenging day of working with your child in an area they struggle with, pray for wisdom! Take time to seek out God’s still small voice as He guides you through the big and small moments of each day.

Rest in God’s Wisdom

Finally, rest in God’s wisdom. Know that the God who speaks universes into existence wants to speak to you and help you! Stop for a second and let that truth soak into your soul. God desires nothing more than to show you the way in which to live and walk. You don’t have to do this alone! So, rest. This rest could look a little different than a candle lit bubble bath or a rainy day read but it will most definitely recharge you and prepare you for another day of living for Him!

It has been said that those that sleeps the soundest are God’s saints. Why shouldn’t we be? We have God by our side to guide us! My prayer today is that you can find the true spiritual rest that comes knowing and walking in God’s wisdom.

Rest well!

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Wisdom Wednesday-Proverbs 31:30

In case you have not heard the hype on the news and on social media sites, I figured I better let you know that today is International Women’s Day.  I don’t plan on touching on the politics of that issue today however I decided to focus my Wisdom Wednesday Proverb on well, a woman!

Proverbs 31:30 declares, “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

Charm is deceitful.

Have you ever been around that person that just is knocks your socks off nice to your face? I have and those people scare me to death! They have to be hiding something is usually my first thought. And it’s not unusual to find out later that they are just putting up a nice front for some reason or another. The sugar-sweet attitude often does hide what is really going on in a woman’s life whether it is a hurt heart or a proud spirit or a gossiping tongue, eventually her true colors will show. As a Christian woman, I try to NOT sugar coat everything. Life is messy and it is okay to let people know that! I’m not saying we just mope around all day and complain, but I think it is necessary to not turn up the charm button just to make sure we are keeping up appearances either! This is especially true when in a safe Christian community of believers.

Beauty is vain.

My grandma was quite the looker in her younger days. I can totally see why she caught my Grandpa’s eye! 🙂 But I never would have recognized her in the younger day pictures if my parent’s hadn’t told me it was her. Why? Because by the time I came along, she had gray hair, a slump in her shoulders from years of hard work in her garden, and a considerable amount of laugh lines gracing her face. Did that make her any less beautiful to my Grandpa? Not at all. He was more in love with her than ever because her beauty came from who she was, not what she looked like on the outside. Having a daughter of my own now, I pray that I can live out my life and show her the same beauty my Grandma demonstrated to me. A quiet beauty that resides within a confident, consistent relationship with God. All the rest of that outside stuff fades away!

A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Today is a day to celebrate women. Well, let’s celebrate them. Let this be a day to praise the women in your life who have had a strong spiritual impact on you. Perhaps your mom or grandma or a Sunday school teacher or a kind neighbor or a Bible study friend. Whoever she is, let her know that her walk with God has had an impact on you. Thank God for each woman in your life who has helped lead you closer to Him. Pray that God helps you to be that woman to those in your life now.

I would love to hear about the women who have impacted you! Please feel free to share their stories in the comments.

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